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HELP!! I feel like I have NO IDEA what I'm doing!

That's okay.  It's completely understandable that you'd be feeling a little overwhelmed with your website.  But rest assured that everything will be okay.  


Here's a list of some of the more common questions that have been asked by your fellow health coaches. Hopefully seeing the answers we gave them will help you feel a little less overwhelmed.  If not, remember you can always submit a ticket, schedule an appointment, or attend a webinar!


» How do I get to my website?

When you accepted your trial invitation (when you selected your template, picked a name, all that stuff), you were emailed a link that contained your website address.  It should look something like this:  Enter your web address into your browser's search bar and that's how you get to your website!
(TIP: Bookmark your website for future easy access)


» Got it. Now how do I edit my website?

To edit your website, you need to first login. Remember the password you set up when you signed up?  Here's where you use that.  Go to your web address (see previous question) and at the end of your URL, add /login
(like this: and enter in your username (email) and password.  If you're having trouble with your password, read THIS.

Once logged in, you're ready to edit!  Check out our help guide to learn the basics of Editing.


» Can everyone see my changes?

The LiveEdit platform allows you to do 'On The Page' edits, meaning that you can edit the content directly on the page.  Then once you save your changes, those edits are then live on the page (hence the name Live-Edit.  Get it?). So until you save your changes, no one will be able to see anything you've done.  
(Note:  This ONLY applies once your site has been set 'live'.  If you haven't done that yet, then the only person who can see your changes is you.)


» How do I set my site 'live'?

Follow the simple two-step process outlined HERE.  HOWEVER, the folks at LiveEdit do strongly encourage you to NOT set your website live until you are 100% ready to make it visible to the public.  Setting your website live without changing much (or anything) from your chosen template is kinda not good for the long-term success of your website. Just a little friendly advice.

You can learn more about going live in the Setting Your Website Live section of the Education Portal.


» Why can't I access my site??

When your trial period expires, access to your website is turned off (nothing gets removed or deleted).  To continue with your website and have your access turned back on, you will need to choose from one of the monthly subscription packages. LEARN MORE

A few suggestions on some great (and helpful) webinars to check out


Building A Website
This 10-part series is long, but worth it, as it walks you through building an entire website from start to finish.  Episode 1 alone is great for learning how to plan out your website.  Highly recommendedCHECK IT OUT


Customize Your Look
This 8-part series goes through an entire Health Coach template and customizes the look of EVERY PAGE. Great way to learn how to use the LiveEdit platform.  WATCH NOW


Browse the rest of the Webinar Video Gallery and find webinars on Photos, SEO, Design Tips, Marketing Tips, and MORE!  TAKE A PEAK


For more answers, visit the FAQ section in the Education Portal
(maybe check out some of the other guides and videos too while you're there!)


How about a little bit of professional help?


Get a little one-on-one time with a member of the LiveEdit team for help with pretty much any website-related question.


It's like going to school all over again except  it's online and there's no math!
(okay, maybe a little math)


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What could be better than that?

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