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Sure, guides and videos are great, but sometimes it helps if you can just talk it out with someone, you know?  Here at LiveEdit, we totally get that.  So to make things a bit easier, we have our LiveEdit Appointment options.  Choose the type of appointment that best fits your needs, then schedule some one-on-one time to work with a member of the LiveEdit Team!


NEW LiveEdit Training Appointment

Work with a member of the LiveEdit Education team to go over the ins and outs of editing and customizing your website.

Get Help with:
- Basic Editing
- Application setup (Recipe App, IIN Forms)
- Page layouts and customization help
- Familiarity with the LiveEdit platform
- Any additional question on anything relating to your website

Good For:

- Anyone!
- Training sessions can be customized to go over what YOU want to learn!
- Each session is recorded and you will be provided with the video to re-watch whenever you like!

SEO Consultation

Talk to a member of the LiveEdit SEO team to go over how to improve the searchability of your website.

Get Help with:
- Directory listing
- Optimizing website content
- Page titles/Heading tags
- Utilizing Social Media
- Getting your website 'found'

Good For:
- Established websites 
(if you have a preivous website)
- Websites that have recently been set 'live'

Design Assistance

Work with a member of the LiveEdit Design team to discuss the look and layout of your website.

Get Help with:
- Choosing color schemes and fonts
- Improving the 'flow' of your website
- Page setup and layout
- Adding content (images, links, and more*)
*Work that requires custom coding will be quoted as an additional paid service

Good For If You:
- Are just getting started
- Want to spruce up the look of your website
- Are looking for professional design help

Education Appointment

(also can be used for Support)
Work with the LiveEdit Team on virtually ANY question or issue.

Get Help with:
- Using the website features
- 'How do I __' questions
- Technical issues
- Pretty much anything

Good For If You:
- Are just getting started
- Can't find answers in the Education Portal
- Are having technical issues with your site
*ALL paid monthly subscription package include at least ONE Education appointment/month.  
See package info 
for more details.

You can also schedule any appointment from the Education Portal! 
Just click the 'Make Appointment' button located at the top of every portal page to get started.

Create New Ticket & Make Appointment buttons

Appointment FAQs

How long are the appointments?
The new Training Appointments are 60 minutes. Design and SEO appointments are 30 minutes each, while the Education appointments are 20 minutes.

Can I schedule a longer appointment?
No, but you can sign up for more than one appointment, and when slots are available, can schedule back-to-back.

How much do they cost?
$20 for a 20 minute Education appointment* and $75 for a 30 minute Design Assistance Appointment or SEO Consultation. The new Training Appointments are $125 for a 60 minute session.
*Monthly subscription packages include FREE Education appointments that can be used each month.  Appointments cannot be carried over and number of appointments varies by package.  Click HERE for more details.

Can I have LiveEdit build my website for me?
Absolutely!  LiveEdit offers both a DIFM package as well as a full custom website package** where we will work with you to build out your entire website!  Learn More
**Upgrade from the Free Starter Package to a monthly subscription is required for purchase.

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